Coronavirus: Dubai releases post-Ramadan 'reopening' plan for malls and offices

Dubai Economy will allow retailers to stay open for longer and offices can continue to operate with 30 per cent staffing

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Dubai will allow malls to open for longer and continue to let offices to operate with reduced staff numbers once Ramadan has ended.

Dubai Economy released a "reopening" plan on Tuesday setting out rules and guidelines.

Shopping centres and retail outlets can now remain open between 10am and 10pm, from the existing 12pm-10pm.

Stores will continue to operate at 30 per cent of their capacity in terms of staff and customer numbers.

Children under 12 and adults aged above 60 will continue to be restricted from entering shopping centres.

An order that banned exchange or return of sold items has been lifted. But such products must be sanitised and set aside for 24 hours before being put on display again.

Restrictions on sales and promotions - put in place last month to avoid drawing in large numbers of shoppers - was also lifted.

Dubai Economy said customers can try up to five items in each store, as long as no more than 10 minutes are spent in a fitting room, and rooms are continuously cleaned.

Food and beverage outlets can remain open as long as they are at 30 per cent capacity and tables are spaced two-metres apart.


Office hours would return to normal, from six hours per day during Ramadan. There was no change on a ruling that 30 per cent of the total workforce could be working at any given time.

Elevators should be no more than 30 per cent full and avoided when necessary.

Dubai is set to ease restrictions

Dubai is set to ease restrictions

Kitchens and pantries will be allowed to open, as long as colleagues adhere to distancing norms and use disposable cutlery.

The use of water dispensers will not be allowed, officials said.