Belarus and the UAE strike military deals

Belarus has provided military vehicles and gun-control systems to the UAE since 2007.

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ABU DHABI // More than 100 military vehicles and gun-control systems have been provided to the UAE by Belarus since 2007.

The deals were revealed after the fourth meeting of the joint UAE-Belarus military industry committee this month.

Agreements were reached to facilitate further development of bilateral military and technical cooperation, said Sergei Gurulev, chairman of Belarus's state military and industrial committee.

"Belarusian companies have supplied more than 100 special automobile vehicles as well as fire-control systems for BMP-3s [armoured personnel carriers]," he said.

Discussions were held on cooperation to develop advanced combat technology and weaponry.

"Our country's highest-rank officials pay much attention to the cooperation with UAE, and the defence industry is an essential part of it," Mr Gurulev said.

Belarus and the UAE signed a cooperation agreement in the military-industrial field in 2007.

"A range of military technical projects are being worked out with Gulf countries," Mr Gurulev added.