UAE confirms two ballistic missiles intercepted over Abu Dhabi

Ministry of Defence retaliates with F-16 strike on Houthi missile battery outside Sana'a, Yemen

The Ministry of Defence said its defences are ready to protect the state.
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Latest: UAE retaliates with strike on Houthi ballistic missile launcher

Two ballistic missiles aimed at Abu Dhabi were shot down in the early hours of Monday, the Ministry of Defence has said.

Authorities confirmed "that the attack did not result in any casualties, as the remnants of the intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles fell in separate areas around the emirate".

The ministry said the weapons were launched by the Houthi terrorist group, state news agency Wam reported.

Flashes were seen in the sky over the capital at about 4.15am, residents said.

The ministry said "it is ready to deal with any threats and that it is taking all necessary measures to protect the state from attacks".

Officials later said a UAE air force F-16 unit retaliated, destroying a mobile missile battery in Al Jawf outside the Houthi-controlled capital Sana'a.

Flights running as scheduled

In Abu Dhabi on Monday, pupils returned to schools as planned after several weeks of remote learning and the roads were busy.

At the airport, flights took off as normal on a busy Monday morning. Social media claims that the airport closed appeared to be entirely false.

There were no flights planned between 3.45am and 5.10am - and 17 flights took off between then and 9am as scheduled, the airport's live board showed.

Saudi Arabia takes down ballistic missile

In Saudi Arabia, the Coalition said it destroyed a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis towards the city of Dhahran Al Janub early on Monday.

Shrapnel from the intercepted missile landed in the city’s industrial zone and pictures of burnt vehicles were published by local media.

The attacks came just hours after the Arab League group of nations met in Cairo to call for the US to designate the Houthis a terrorist group.

The US administration said it is considering the move after blasts in the UAE on Monday, January 17, killed three oil company workers and injured six, in an attack condemned by world leaders.

Abu Dhabi blast victims recall moment strike hit: in pictures

Updated: January 24, 2022, 9:18 AM