Gang accused of stealing cars by posing as police

A high-speed car chase by Sharjah police leads to the arrest of an armed gang comprising three Emiratis and two Yemenis.

SHARJAH // A high-speed car chase led Sharjah Police to an armed gang accused of stealing luxury cars by posing as law enforcement officers. Sharjah Police said yesterday that the chase occurred after a police patrol in Shuwayhen spotted a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser with Omani number plates. As the patrol approached the Land Cruiser, the driver fled but was forced to stop after crashing into several vehicles.

The suspect was identified as HMN, a Yemeni national with a criminal record who had once held UAE citizenship. He was stripped of his UAE citizenship and deported to the country of his birth after being arrested for stealing several cars. It was unclear how he returned to the UAE. Police said HMN confessed he was part of a gang that specialised in stealing luxury vehicles by posing as police. He identified other suspects, identified as WHM and ASM, both Emiratis, who were tracked down in Abu Dhabi with the help of local police.

The two men were spotted in a stolen Lexus and also tried to flee officers, said the police adding that the men violently resisted arrest. Two pistols, seven bullets and hashish in the Lexus, officers said. The suspects gave police information that led the arrests of two other men, ASM, a Yemeni, and FAS, an Emirati, who were allegedly also found in possession of a gun. It was unclear where they were arrested. All five suspects have been referred to Sharjah prosecutors.