FNC members ready to return to work with busy agenda in prospect

The Federal National Council resumes its work on Sunday after a four-month break.

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ABU DHABI // The Federal National Council resumes its work on Sunday after a four-month break.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, and Rulers and Crown Princes from across the emirates, will attend the inauguration ceremony of the second session of the 16th legislative chapter.

The session will begin with the reading of President Sheikh Khalifa’s decree and an opening speech by FNC Speaker Dr Amal Al Qubaisi.

Then, the council’s observers will be elected and committees set up.

Jassim Al Naqbi of Sharjah and Khalifa Al Mazrouei of Abu Dhabi were the observers at the last session and they may seek those roles again.

Azza bin Suleiman, a member for Dubai, said she hoped to fill the position in the future.

“There is a possibility that I might be an observer,” she said.

She said was looking forward to returning to the foreign affairs committee, especially after she took part in a meeting with Nato officials.

“I like to be in this committee and, as a woman, to have a role in the political sphere. With that I can build my career after being an engineer. The committee includes highly-qualified colleagues I am proud to serve with.”

She would also like to continue her role as a member of the Islamic affairs and public utilities committee, she said. There she would bring her 24 years of experience at the ministry of public works to bear.

“We can choose to change our committees, but I don’t want to,” Ms bin Suleiman said.

She said that women’s rights will be discussed extensively this session, following the formation of a temporary committee to discuss social development within Emirati families.

“This is very important and covers the areas that I wanted to touch on in my electoral campaign. There are issues that concern women that must be addressed.”

Salem Al Shehhi, member for Ras Al Khaimah, believed a lot of progress would be made in the new session.

“We are optimistic because the leaders made it their mission to pursue the happiness of the citizen, and we would like to help in this with our discussions at the council.”

He said he had prepared questions for ministers on education, housing and human resources.