FNC member from RAK supporters eager for him to run again

Those who voted for Ahmed Al Amash in 2011 say they will happily vote for him again, should he seek re-election.

Ahmed Al Amash, celebrates his FNC election victory with his supporters in Ras Al Khaimah City in 2011. His supporters look forward to voting for him again if he runs for a second term on the council. Antonie Robertson / The National
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ABU DHABI // In the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, many chanted for Ahmed Al Amash when he won in the 2011 FNC elections.

Abdullah Mohammed Al Shehi, a 26-year-old from Rams, was one of the people who voted for him.

“He is a great man,” Mr Al Shehi said. “A lot of people were happy when he won.”

He said Mr Al Amash’s reputation preceded him.

“He is known as a man of his word, his words are heard,” he said. “He is a very well-known person.”

Mr Al Shehi said if he is eligible to vote in next year’s elections, he would vote for Mr Al Amash.

“Everyone talks about him and is proud of him,” he said.

Mr Al Amash is known for his firm voice in the council, using strong metaphors to convey his message. He is also an active member of the FNC’s economic and financial committee.

He has repeatedly demanded updates from the Government on the state of an eagerly awaited plan for full health insurance for Emiratis.

He has also grilled the Minister of Energy for answers for the power cuts in the Northern Emirates and asked why electricity pylons were so close to residential areas.

Not all FNC members agree with Mr Al Amash’s suggestions.

When the council asked for lower petrol prices, Mr Al Amash suggested that the Government should only subsidise the price of petrol for nationals. Some council members rejected that notion.

During a discussion on the Child Rights law, he said that it neglected details of Islamic upbringing and nationalism and did not give parents the right to discipline their children. Other members disagreed.

Mohammed Hussain Al Teneiji, a 45-year-old from Rams, was particularly happy with Mr Al Amash’s comments on power cuts. He believed the FNC member’s actions helped resolve the issue for the area.

“This man is a role model for all the people in Rams,” he said. “He has sacrificed in the name of God, the country, and the people. He is a man in all its meanings.”

Mr Al Teneiji and all his family members voted for Mr Al Amash in 2011, he said proudly, and looked forward to voting for him again in the next elections.