Failure to learn lessons about driving in fog

Maybe drivers feel that the force-field created by driving with their hazard lights flashing will protect them in the event of a collision.

March 9, 2010- Abu Dhabi, UAE-Rupert Murdoch Chairman & CEO of News Corp speaking at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit
Edythe McNamee/The National
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Yesterday morning's fog resulted in yet another wholly avoidable accident that I saw due to irresponsible motorists continuing to drive in a manner unsuited to the road conditions. When will people learn that when you can't see you need to use lowered headlights and slow down? A significant number of the vehicles appear to have been running without lights on - maybe the drivers feel that the force-field created by driving with their hazard lights flashing will protect them in the event of a collision. When will the authorities include front and rear fog lights as standard equipment for GCC-specific vehicles and educate and train drivers about driving in fog? Darren Male, Abu Dhabi

An excellent article, Remembering the UK's eloquent voice for Islam (March 10), thank you, HA Hillyer. I would challenge only one point - which is the opinion that Charles Le Gai Eaton was the last of that great early wave of highly educated and eloquent western Muslim converts. The eminent Scottish scholar Ian Dallas, better known as Sheikh Abdulqader Al Murabit As Sufi, still lives in South Africa, and actively writes and lectures. Thank you again for your continuing high standards of journalism in this region, which is not noted for such. Suleyman Busby, Dubai

Regarding the letter about the treatment of housemaids, Illegal acts not often obvious (March 10), I find it absolutely bizarre that in 2010 someone would suggest that they "give them [housemaids] their freedom to own a mobile phone and a day off".

Your relationship with your housemaid should be a simple matter of the contract's language to which you both agreed. Why not manage your contract with your housemaid the same way you demand your contract is managed by your employer? Does your employer "allow" you to own a mobile phone, or do you simply assume that convenience as a normal course of modern society? The news is full of unscrupulous people, from both ends of the economic and educational spectrum, so to send out a general warning regarding housemaids smacks of racism and elitism. I am very proud to be in the UAE where I see the government making measurable and substantive efforts to change attitudes regarding archaic caste and elitist stereotypes. It would appear that there is still much work to be done. S Suttles, Abu Dhabi

Media have been redefined globally by Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation in the past few decades, (Unleash your creativity, Murdoch tells Arab world, March 10). Outlets are no longer just for distributing news and public relations. Media including TV, internet and films are creatively used to guide and change public thinking and trends. This includes freedom, democracy and creative protectionism. The creation of vibrant media in UAE, followed by the creation of vibrant and sustainable industries, will as, Mr Murdoch says, "unlock the creative potential of people and capitalise on the one economic resource that is truly inexhaustible". Mahebub Chatur, Dubai

As a physician and a diabetes patient, reading the article More diabetics in UAE needing amputations (March 9) is very sad. There are major strides in the management of the disease from dietary choices, simple physical activity, and oral medications that allow us to live relatively normal and healthy lives. Amputations can be avoided with regular check-ups, moderate physical activity, and proper medications. Dr Suber Huang here in Cleveland, Ohio, is my physician, and one of the world leading specialists in diabetic eye diseases. He uses lasers to stop bleeding in the eye, and is saving my vision for the duration of my life. Amir Soas, MD, US

In response to the online survey, Have you had difficulties obtaining drugs at a pharmacy? (March 9), there are no "difficulties" in obtaining drugs in pharmacies here - which is very dangerous. There are too many prescription drugs which can be obtained over the counter.

Suta De Bastos, Dubai