Welcome to Expo Village: the new residential community in Dubai

Thousands of flats, cycling paths and scores of shops and cafes are set to transform the worker accommodation units

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Against the backdrop of the Expo 2020 Dubai legacy site, there is a community that is preparing to welcome residents now the world's fair is over.

With a park spanning 38,000 square metres, a running track and a cycling path circling its perimeter, Expo Village has been described as a village within a village.

Factor in restaurants, cafes, salons and supermarkets and the village could become another desirable residential area in Dubai.

Located in Dubai South a few minutes’ walk from the entrance to the Expo legacy site, which will soon evolve into District 2020, the residential complex is made up of 15 mid-rise buildings in four clusters.

A look inside Expo Village

A look inside Expo Village
Parks and playgrounds throughout the complex make it appealing to families, but we have the flexibility to cater towards the new demographic of people situated in District 2020
Mahmud Al Naib, Dubai World Trade Centre

Mahmud Al Naib, senior project manager for Dubai World Trade Centre, who runs the flats, said the area is in transition.

“Expo Village was home to thousands of international participants who worked at the [world’s fair] throughout its six-month duration,” he said.

“We have 2,273 apartments located within the four clusters. During Expo, occupancy was at 97 per cent and, within the next few weeks, that will drop to five per cent as workers’ contracts come to an end.

“Over the next few months, we will reinstate the apartments to their original condition for new tenants.”

Made up of studio to three-bedroom flats and 30 three-bedroom town houses, rental prices have yet to be released, but Mr Al Naib said they would be “very competitive for the current Dubai market”.

In terms of size, they go from 40 to 130 square metres.

Al Wasl Dome view from your home

Designed with mixed-community living in mind, each cluster within Expo Village has a gym, swimming pool and children's playground.

Some flats offer a full view of the Al Wasl Dome at the heart of the Expo legacy site.

“We developed Expo Village with so many people in mind, from families, to couples, to young professionals working at start-ups in the nearby District 2020,” Mr Al Naib said.

“Parks and playgrounds throughout the complex make it appealing to families, but we have the flexibility to cater towards the new demographic of people situated in District 2020.

“We are looking at creating a co-working space within some of the retail and home rental units to make remote working more attractive.”

It is likely that the majority of units will be rented out as fully furnished although there are plans to rent some without furniture.

A well-connected community

The entrance to the Expo 2020 Dubai metro line is a minute's walk from each cluster and the area is connected to both Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.

“This really is a village within a village, so it is aptly named,” Mr Al Naib said.

“We have a Covid-19 testing clinic, a healthcare clinic, salons, cafes, a supermarket and a pharmacy.

“There are 42 retail and food and beverage units within the site.

“There are lots of seating areas within the gardens and the running and cycling tracks make it an area that very much encourages health and wellness among its residents.”

Now that the six-month world's fair has come to an end, District 2020 will repurpose 80 per cent of the site’s buildings into a mixed-use community.

With many technology companies committed to setting up offices within the site, Expo Village hopes to become a popular option for families and professionals within Dubai.

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Updated: April 10, 2022, 3:42 PM