Expo 2020 Dubai records more than 24 million visits after late surge

The world's fair attracted thousands during its final weeks

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Expo 2020 Dubai recorded more than 24 million visits in its six months after a surge to the world's fair in the final weeks.

The tally of 24,102,967 visits is short of the pre-event goal of 25 million, which looked likely with one million visits in three days on the final weekend.

The 200-plus pavilions spanning the site — including those representing 192 nations — proved to be the major attractions.

Long queues formed at some of the most popular pavilions in the closing weeks, as visitors relished the opportunity to explore the site once more.

Performances by Coldplay, Alicia Keys and Mehad Hamad, appearances by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, and the annual World Government Summit helped to increase numbers.

A spectacular closing ceremony, star-studded concerts and firework displays brought down the curtain on the event on Thursday.

The celebration of cultures, innovation and ingenuity captured the imagination of people across the UAE and visitors from overseas.

Weekly visit numbers regularly topped 1 million in the second half of the six-month extravaganza, as fans made the most of their chance to soak up the carnival atmosphere.

Season pass boost

Figures released by Expo 2020 on Saturday revealed that one in every three visitors was from overseas. Organisers said there were visitors from 178 countries.

The most popular country for international visitors was India, followed by Germany, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Russia, France and the US.

Expo said 49 per cent of visits were repeats, with 70 per cent entering the site using the Season Pass.

For the final 50 days of Expo, organisers introduced a Dh50 Season Finale Pass that proved to be popular with visitors.

Expo said 22 per cent of visitors used the one-day ticket, while eight per cent used the multi-day pass.

Children (under 18) made up 18 per cent of all visits. Almost one million pupils visited as part of the Expo Schools Programme, which was suspended for most of January because schools’ activities were halted temporarily as a precaution when coronavirus infections surged.

Organisers said senior citizens (above 60) made up 3 per cent of all visits, and the oldest visitor was 98.

People with disabilities accounted for 107,000 visits, while virtual visits reached more than 200 million.

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Updated: April 02, 2022, 11:11 AM