UAE weather: is this the coldest day of the year as temperatures plunge to -2°C?

A rural area of Al Ain saw the mercury drop below zero, which Abu Dhabi and Dubai had a chilly start to the morning

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The UAE woke to a chilly start on Saturday as temperatures plunged to below zero in some desert areas overnight.

The mercury dipped to minus 2°C in Raknah, a wadi near Al Ain, where it is often colder than higher ground as the air collects in the valley and cools overnight.

Other areas inland also experienced a cold start, with lows of between 5°C and 9°C, while temperatures on the coast ranged between 10°C and 15°C during the morning.

Temperatures will reach about 22°C to 24°C on Saturday along the coast and in internal areas.

There will be further drops in humidity with Abu Dhabi looking at a peak of 60 per cent and Dubai 55 per cent.

The chilly weather is set to continue this week, with “cold” temperatures, especially overnight and in the early hours inland and in the mountains on Sunday, the National Centre of Meteorology forecast.

It will be sunny to partly cloudy, with light to moderate winds, which could strengthen at times.

From Monday to Thursday, humidity will rise overnight inland and in the west, raising the risk of mist.

The sea will be rough at times, as is common in the winter months.


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