UAE weather: Dubai and Abu Dhabi set for more stormy weather

Lightning and rainfall are expected to continue in the UAE on Sunday

Dubai's freakish weather

Dubai's freakish weather
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Forecasters are predicting renewed rain and lightning storms in the UAE on Sunday, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi expected to see unstable weather throughout the day.

Weather conditions in Dubai on Sunday will be mostly stormy, with a chance of rain and lightning lasting well into the evening.

There is a high chance of rainfall up until midday, when storms could subside for a few hours, before returning in the middle of the afternoon.

Temperatures are due to peak at 30°C shortly after midday, accompanied by moderate winds of around 26kph.

The forecast for Abu Dhabi promises a similar day of rain and lightning.

As in Dubai, the worst of the rainfall is predicted to arrive in the morning, followed by further thunder and showers in the afternoon.

Temperatures are predicted to be slightly higher, reaching 32°C in the afternoon, with moderate winds also reaching around 26kph.

The National Centre of Meteorology is predicting unstable conditions for the UAE in general.

The Centre warned conditions will be rough to very rough at times in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Dubai was hit by a spectacular lightning and rain storm on Saturday night.

Forks of lightning lit up the city’s skyline and storm clouds brought heavy rainfall, causing flash flooding.

The storm followed on from torrential rain earlier in the day, which had already brought flooding to roads in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The unstable conditions are expected to calm by Monday.