Speed limit reduced on UAE motorways as fog returns

Motorists warned not to exceed 80kph in some parts on third day of fog

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Drivers were warned not to exceed 80 kilometres per hour on Wednesday after the speed limit was reduced on some roads owing to dense fog.

The speed reduction came into force, including on parts of the E11 route between Abu Dhabi and Dhabi, in the early hours as the UAE awoke to thick patches of fog covering areas along the coast and inland.

It was the third consecutive day of early morning fog and the National Centre of Meteorology issued an alert to urge commuters to take care on the roads.

Visibility was reduced to 1km in a section of the coast in the far west, as well as Abu Dhabi city and its outskirts, stretching deep inland.

The fog is expected to burn off by 9.30am, leaving a fair and warm day, with temperatures of up to 39°C in Abu Dhabi and 38°C in Dubai.

It will be hotter inland, reaching up to 44°C.

Winds will be light to moderate.

Humidity will increase again in the evening and overnight, reaching a high of 95 per cent, which will result in fog and mist returning again on Thursday.

On Monday, Sharjah Police issued a warning about the dangers of driving carelessly in fog after two people were injured in a 21-car accident.