Photographer shares stunning time-lapse video of fog rolling into Abu Dhabi

Cataloguing the arrival of the gloomy early morning weather into the capital was a second highlight for Zohaib Anjum, who captured the "perfect" shot of Burj Khalifa last year

A photographer shared a stunning time lapse of fog rolling into Abu Dhabi city.

Cataloguing the arrival of the gloomy early morning weather into the capital was a career highlight, Zohaib Anjum said. Last year, he captured the perfect shot of lightning striking the Burj Khalifa.

He had countless shots of Dubai covered in fog, but none of Abu Dhabi.

So when he heard fog was expected to form one morning there last week, the Dubai resident arranged to take a DPI test to enter the city.

A friend gave him access to a rooftop, where he set up his camera, setting it to take pictures every two seconds over a period of six hours.

“I know someone in Abu Dhabi, so I called him in the night and asked can you please arrange for me to go up to the top of the building? He said no problem.

“Usually I take all of my pictures from the rooftop,” said Mr Anjum, who works as a real estate photographer in Dubai, where he was born and raised.

So at 3am, he took a lift 70 floors up.

“I could see the fog when I got up there,” said Mr Anjum, who shares his pictures on his Instagram page.

“It was amazing. I was very happy. It was my first fog time lapse in Abu Dhabi. I have tonnes of pictures in Dubai. But in Abu Dhabi it was my first time.”

He found fame last January, after sharing an image of lightning striking the Burj from his vantage point at Ras Al Khor Sanctuary.

That shot also took some patience, he said.

“I used to come here often to capture the shot but there was always some problem. Sometimes the lightning would fall on one side of the tower and sometimes on the other side," Mr Anjum said.

"It would never hit [the] Burj Khalifa."

“Immediately after I captured the shot, I bowed on the ground, thanking God."


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Updated: February 25, 2021 03:23 PM


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