Condenser installed on Barakah nuclear plant

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has completed another milestone in the development of the UAE's peaceful nuclear energy programme.

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ABU DHABI // One of the largest condensers in the Middle East has been installed on Abu Dhabi's nuclear energy plant.

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) completed another milestone in the development of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy programme on Tuesday.

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of International Cooperation and Development, visited the Barakah plants to witness the latest progress, with Enec’s chief executive, Mohammed Al Hammadi.

The condenser plays an important role in the generation of electricity and is used in all types of power plants.

In a nuclear reactor, nuclear fission creates heat that turns water into steam. The pressure of the steam turns a generator, producing electricity.

The condenser cools the steam back into water, allowing the process to be continuously repeated.

Made in South Korea, it consists of three sections connected to equalising ducts, with each section 26 metres long and weighing 700,000 kilograms.

Welding was completed in the Unit 1 reactor containment building after more than seven months.

“We are pleased to be progressing safely and on schedule as we work to deliver the UAE’s first nuclear energy plant,” said Mr Al Hammadi. “The team will now focus on completing the fit-out of the condenser, including the installation of the duct sections, water boxes, low-pressure feed-water heaters and auxiliary systems.

“The entire process is expected to take over another year before the condenser is complete.”