Abu Dhabi's islands: there's one for every facet of life

From Saadiyat to Sir Bani Yas, a remarkable contrast exists across the emirate's islands

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It's easy to forget that Abu Dhabi city is in actual fact on an island. But there's certainly something memorable about all of the islands surrounding it.

From nature reserves to a private paradise, each island has its own characteristics and purpose, and while a few are familiar haunts for many residents, others remain untouched and on the "to-do" list.

But when you consider the dozen or so islands which are inhabited, or will soon be, and accessible, it can simply be deduced that there is one for every facet of life.

Scroll through our gallery above to discover more about the islands.

Ramon Penas / The National
Ramon Penas / The National

An aerial view provides a jigsaw with the pieces separated by mangroves and dredged channels. You could imagine it all squeezed together as one land mass.

Change has been afoot though - where once was just sand and open space now sits roads and movement. Bridges link it all together, while boats reach those out of reach.

And this week we learn't of another addition to the Abu Dhabi islands of significance - Jubail Island.

Already home to gazelle and flamingos, they will in the coming years be joined by 5,000 to 6,000 residents living across six "villages".

So, which island will be next?

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