Emirates flight from India to Dubai makes emergency landing

An Emirates flight from Cochin, India to Dubai made an emergency landing after 'technical difficulties'.

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DUBAI // An Emirates Airline jet carrying 222 passengers had to make an emergency landing at the weekend caused by what the airline described as "technical difficulties", a spokeswoman said today.

Video:Emirates flight struck by lightning

Dramatic footage of an Emirates A380 flight struck by lightning prior to landing on the night of Saturday, April 23 2011.

Flight EK533, which was scheduled to Dubai from Cochin, India on Saturday was delayed by more than 14 hours because of the problem.

"Emirates confirms that flight EK533 to Dubai, on Saturday 2nd July was delayed due to technical difficulties," the Emirates spokeswoman said in a statement. "Where possible, passengers were accommodated on EK 531 at 10.30am, the remaining passengers were provided with hotel accommodation."

The affected flight departed at 6.30pm local time on the same day. The carrier apologised to passengers for the inconvenience.

Emirates would not say what type of technical problems caused the aircraft to be delayed.

However, media reports in India said the hydraulic system was affected, resulting in the landing gear being unable to retract shortly after takeoff from Cochin International Airport at around 4.30am local time.

The aircraft had to turn around, and landed back at the airport 30 minutes later. It was met by fire engines and ambulances on the runway as a precaution.