Sharjah forum to teach 120 children leadership skills

The 12th edition of Sharjah Arab Children Forum will kick off later this month to help the children unleash their creativity and develop their skills through workshops.

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SHARJAH // The 12th Sharjah Arab Children Forum will bring together 120 youngsters from countries in the region to instil in them leadership skills and a love of volunteering.

Beginning later this month, more than 40 children aged between eight and 12 years from 10 Arab countries, along with 80 Emiratis, will take part in the week-long activities.

Organising committee head Reem Binkaram said this year’s event would feature topics that educated children on basic human relationships and the ability to deal with social challenges.

“The programme will instil leadership and social innovation skills. In addition, the forum aims to create a sustainable platform for intercommunication and cultural exchange and to abolish cultural and social barriers,” she said.

The children will be divided into groups from different countries with the aim of strengthening intercommunication and exchange of experiences and social values.

According to experts, these activities are important for developing personalities and exploring the potential and talents of children.

“At this young age, such events will help children separate from their parents and start building their personalities,” said Dr Hanadi Al Suwaidi, who works in the giftedness and innovation department at Sharjah Education Zone.

“The children might be with their parents or with chaperones during the forum. However, at the end of the day, they will be the one representing their countries and have to give their best to honour their country, which is no small feat.”

Ms Al Suwaidi said the activities would help Emirati children build relationships with their peers outside of their home borders.

“They will learn the traditions of their Arab brothers and sisters and share UAE culture with them.”

Forum organisers said the children would have a full schedule every day and would learn about volunteering by spending time in social services departments in Sharjah.

The biennial forum takes place March 28 to April 3.