Adec to start pilot programme for Abu Dhabi’s gifted pupils

Abu Dhabi is planning to run a pilot programme for gifted students in the emirate.

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ABU DHABI // An education scheme will soon help gifted pupils in the emirate to better realise their potential.

Abu Dhabi Education Council on Tuesday held a workshop to brief teachers and administrators on the pilot programme.

The participants are from nine schools in the capital, Al Ain and the Western Region.

They were given an overview of the project and its resources, and they will receive a special curriculum with guidelines to identify gifted and talented students.

Mohamed Makhlouf, a teacher at Al Nahyaniya School in Al Ain, said that it would help pupils to unlock their potential.

“We as educators are all very excited to hear the programme is now standardised,” he said.

Teachers who mentor gifted pupils gave suggestions at the workshop. Some of their advice was incorporated into the programme.

“Now teachers are expected to recognise an individual student’s potential and make use of it,” said Mr Makhlouf.

“The strategies around this programme are also solid, since they are based on our own challenges, experiences and suggestions, which is great.”

Each school will designate two staff members to receive intensive training and help their colleagues to use the programme’s resources to deliver its plan.

“I have a lot of students in my classroom who are talented writers and could become tomorrow’s poets or renowned writers,” said Mariam Al Noaimi, a teacher at Hunain School in Abu Dhabi.

“I am definitely excited to take this experience back to my classroom and implement it.”

The programme involves three schools each in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. It aims to support the development of an Emirati knowledge-based economy.

Research had shown that unless gifted and talented pupils have appropriate study materials and support, they might underachieve and fail to reach their full potential, Adec said.