New UAE public school uniforms and prices revealed

All pupils from kindergarten to Grade 12 will dress in new attire in the coming academic year

Uniforms of the new academic year at public schools have been unveiled. Photo: Emirates Schools Establishment
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All pupils in UAE public schools will have new uniforms for the beginning of the academic year at the end of the month.

Emirates Schools Establishment, the public schools regulator, has introduced standard clothing, which will be available from August 15.

The uniforms will be on sale at 38 Lulu's Hypermarkets.

The attire comes in two colours, white and dark blue. Until now, pupils had uniforms in shades of light and dark blue, with pink attire for physical education classes.

Pupils in all grades — from kindergarten to Grade 12 — at public schools, including those studying at the newly announced Ajyal or Generation schools, public schools run by the private sector, must wear the standard clothing.

The Ministry of Education last changed public school uniforms for all pupils in 2019, when it announced a standard line available at fixed prices to reduce the financial burden on parents.

Kindergarten uniforms for boys include a white T-shirt with a logo, priced at Dh36, and a pair of shorts at Dh34, a short-sleeve white sports T-shirt with a logo for Dh29, and a choice of sports trousers for Dh43 or shorts for Dh32.

The uniform for girls in the same grade includes a white shirt with logo priced at Dh29, along with two skirt options at Dh29. The sports uniform has a T-shirt that costs Dh29, trousers priced at Dh43, or shorts for Dh32.

“The school uniform was changed to provide pupils with more comfort during the school day activities and to fulfil the necessary practical requirements of curricular and extra-curricular activities,” the Emirates Schools Establishment said.

“The new uniform also fully complies with the security and safety requirements for pupils using the science laboratories in their schools.”

The regulator also said it was keen on providing high-quality uniforms by determining specifications and standards that must be considered and followed by the supplier.

The prices of each item range from Dh10 for a tie to Dh56 for a skirt for a Grade 9 pupil.

A set comprising a white shirt and skirt for a girl in Grade 9 will cost Dh101, while a set comprising a white shirt, blue trousers and a tie for a boy in the same grade will cost Dh111.

The uniform for boys in grades 1 to 4 includes a formal white shirt with a logo, a tie and shorts or long blue trousers. The sports uniform includes a white and blue T-shirt, with white and blue trousers or shorts.

For girls in grades 1 to 4, the uniform includes a formal white shirt featuring a logo, with either wide-leg blue culottes-style trousers or a blue dress (pinafore). The sports uniform includes a white and blue T-shirt with trousers or shorts.

In grades 9 to 12, boys will have to wear a formal white shirt (long or short sleeve) with a tie, and dark blue trousers. The sports uniform consists of a white and dark blue T-shirt and dark blue sports trousers.

The school uniform for girls in grades 9 to 12 includes a formal white shirt worn with either dark blue wide-leg culottes-style trousers or a long skirt. The sports uniform includes a dark blue (long or short sleeve) sports T-shirt and trousers.

Updated: August 03, 2022, 2:00 PM