13-year-old boy stabbed fellow pupil at Dubai school

A 13-year-old boy who stabbed an older pupil at the school they both attend cannot be detained until a verdict is issued, said a senior police officer.

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DUBAI // A 13-year-old boy who stabbed another pupil at their school cannot be detained until a verdict is issued, said a senior police officer.

The incident took place at The Philippine School Dubai, in Rashidiya, on Tuesday afternoon. The 14-year-old victim, who was stabbed with a sharp object, is being treated at a local hospital.

Col Khalid Al Suhoul, director of Al Rashidiya police station, said that a patrol was sent to the school after officers received a call that a student had been assaulted following an altercation.

“After we complete our investigation, the case will be transferred to the Family and Juveniles Prosecution,” he said.

Grace Princesa, the Philippine ambassador to the UAE, said it was an unfortunate incident.

“Let’s wait for the results of the investigation and, from there, strategise our way forward,” she said. “As the ambassador, we will definitely discuss this with the concerned entities and competent authorities.”

Frank Cimafranca, the consul-general at the Philippine consulate in Dubai, said that students and school staff must be taught to keep an eye out for bullying and fighting among pupils.

He said: “Students and school staff should be properly oriented and taught to be vigilant, especially against bullying in schools which is often the root cause of violence committed by students or tragedies befalling them such as suicides and psychological problems.

“The security and safety of students is of paramount duty and responsibility of every school.

“School management should see to it that measures are in place to protect and ensure the safety of their students at all time and in any possible situation.

“However, in the same manner that the police may not be able to protect citizens and residents at all times against criminality, we cannot also expect schools to do the same for their students, especially when they are outside the school premises.”