Dubai Police officers ordered to be courteous

Dubai police chief continues to stress that officers need to be on their best behaviour.

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DUBAI // The Dubai Police chief has urged all of his officers to continue dealing with the public in the most courteous way possible.

"Each one at Dubai Police, without exception, must provide fair treatment and interact with the public in a friendly, polite, professional, responsible and ethical manner," said Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim.

The statement was made during a meeting of the Dubai Police management boards discussing the force's customer-service charter.

It is one of several recent instances in which Gen Tamim has emphasised how good conduct by police officers helps stability and development.

In July, he warned that abuse of power was the fundamental cause of unrest in several Arab countries and urged his officers to avoid abusive and unkind behaviour.

"There is no place for insolence or arrogance here, and we have to act in a kind and humane manner, as we are here to serve the public," Gen Tamim told his officers at a Ministry of Interior awards ceremony.

"A security figure is either hated or loved by the public - all of you should aim for the latter."