Dubai manager in court ‘for having hashish-laced gummy bears’

Prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal Court that 37-year-old J D brought the sweets from the USA to the UAE.

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DUBAI // An American is in court for having gummy bear sweets laced with hashish.

Prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal Court that 37-year-old J D had allegedly brought the drugs in from the US.

Records show that the Dubai Police’s anti-narcotics department was tipped off that the manager was using hashish.

J D was arrested on July 26 at a cafe in the Meadows by officers with a warrant.

“We introduced ourselves before apprehending him, then we headed to his residence in The Springs where we searched him and his apartment but did not find any drugs,” testified Emirati police major H A.

J D then confessed during the search to possessing sweets that contained hashish. “He opened his fridge and picked up a plastic bag full of gummy bears,” H A said.

He was arrested and referred for a urine test. He was bailed after police seized his passport.

When he went to police two days later for the results, J D was detained after traces of hashish and tramadol were found in his urine sample.

“I used it but I didn’t know what it was at the time because it was inside the sweets,” J D told the judges.

He denied the charges of consuming and possessing drugs.

J D is scheduled to appear in court again next Sunday.