Dubai inmate assaults officers after refusing to leave cell

Prisoner handed six-month suspended sentence over attack on police

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An inmate who attacked two police officers after he refused to attend a routine morning head count was sentenced to a six-month suspended prison term.

The Emirati accused, 32, was imprisoned at Dubai Central Jail after being convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs.

On April 12 this year, the inmates were summoned to the prison yard at 9.40am for a headcount.

The accused refused to leave his cell and challenged an officer to force him out.

“We have to count inmates when changing shifts,” the officer, 44, said in court.

The officer said the accused refused to go outside and insisted he remain behind with his cellmate, who is exempt from the count because he has a physical disability.

The officer called for backup but, when two other officers arrived, the accused said he could not walk because his leg hurt.

"We brought him a wheelchair but he still would not accompany us," the first officer said.
The accused then launched an attack on the officers, kicking and punching them and swearing loudly.

"He then ripped off my uniform," said another policeman, 37.
The accused was restrained and taken to court, where he faced charges of physically assaulting officers, insulting them and damaging a police uniform.
He denied the charges but was convicted and given a suspended six-month prison term by Dubai Criminal Court.