Dubai court jails three men for gambling

The game involved an ironing board, screwdriver and belt.

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DUBAI// Three workers caught gambling in public have been jailed in Dubai.

Bangladeshi R B, 29, who was found guilty of organising gambling games on a pedestrian bridge on Al Khaleej Road, on May 15, was sentenced to six months in prison.

R B used an ironing board, screwdriver and belt in the game, though no further details were given. At a previous hearing at Dubai Criminal Court, the defendant said anyone who lost the game would have to pay him Dh100.

Pakistanis B A, 32, and Z A, 28, were each sentenced to three months in jail.

Yemeni police officer A A told the court: “We saw R B organising and the Pakistanis playing.”

Last June, R B confessed to setting up the game, while B A and Z A denied charges of gambling. All three will be deported after serving their sentences.