Dubai court hears gruesome threats made by men on trial for rape

Two men threatened to chop off the heads of women they met at a nightclub and feed them to dogs if they did not have sex with them, a court heard on Tuesday.

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DUBAI // Two men threatened to chop off the heads of women they met at a nightclub and feed them to dogs if they did not have sex with them, a court heard on Tuesday.

Emiratis DR, 25, and 24-year-old SF are on trial at Dubai Criminal Court for kidnapping, assault, making threats, theft and the rape of Moldovan FA, 28, and her Ukrainian friend, AD, 31.

The women went to a nightclub on Sheikh Zayed Road on September 9 last year and met the defendants at the door. They asked to accompany the women in as the club does not allow men to enter alone.

Once inside, they went their separate ways until about 1am, when the Emirati men returned and sat with the women, had some drinks and danced together.

At 3am, the women left the club and, while waiting for a taxi, the defendants showed up and offered them a ride home in their Mercedes-Benz sports car. They all agreed to have food and ice-cream together before going home.

The Moldovan woman said: “After a while, SF told us that he wants to feed his dogs and drop us home afterwards. I was sitting next to him while DR and AD were in the back seat. When we reached his home, he offered to show me his house and see his dogs in the backyard.

“Once he fed the dogs, SF pushed me against the wall and asked to have sex with me. I refused so he started choking me and threatened to feed me to the dogs — I kept refusing and requested to take me home.

“We returned to the car and drove off. After a while on the way home, he took a detour and we ended up parked in a deserted, dark area. He requested that I get out of the car because he wanted to talk to me, so we walked some distance away from they car and he requested to have sex with me again. When I refused, he dropped me to the ground and tried to force himself on me. I fought back and he started hitting me.”

FA then said she was overpowered and raped.

Her Ukrainian friend testified to police: “I was sitting in the back seat with DR when both FA and SF went out of the car. I heard her scream after a while, then DR told me that he wants to have sex with me and that, if I refuse, he will drug me and rape me and chop my head off afterwards.”

AD said that he then raped her in the back seat before she saw the other two returning to the car. “I saw FA with a bloody face coming towards the car with SF,” she said.

When SF made it clear that he wanted to return home to rape the women again, the Moldovan woman said she jumped out of the moving car. SF stopped the car and tried to catch the barefooted FA but could not.

“I couldn’t leave the car after FA jumped, because it was a two-door car,” said AD. “I insisted that DR let me out of the car. When he let me out, I grabbed FA’s shoes and bag.”

Policeman AH, 39, said: “After intel-gathering, we found the two defendants and apprehended them. DR stole Dh200 and a Nokia phone from FA’s bag and he sold the phone in Ajman for Dh70.”

At Dubai Criminal Court SF denied all charged except the assault, which he admitted to. DR admitted to theft, kidnapping and making threats but denied the rape charge, telling the judge it was consensual sex.

The next hearing is on June 3.