Dubai chief executive ‘threatened to kill ex-girlfriend’

Prosecutors say the British defendant, who was allegedly stalking his ex-partner, became furious when he saw her with a friend.

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DUBAI // A company chief executive threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and assaulted her pilot boyfriend, a court heard on Thursday.

However, Briton J H, 45, denied threatening N M, 45, and threatening and assaulting her boyfriend, Y B, who is also British, arguing that he only pushed the 35-year-old pilot.

Prosecutors said J H was stalking his ex and, on the day of the incident, February 2, she visited the pilot’s apartment to have lunch with him. J H followed her, the court heard.

“He shouted at me, saying he will kill me if he sees me with another person,” N M said.

Y B said: “I went out to the lift to see why it took her so long to reach my apartment. When the lift opened, I saw N M standing in the corner while JH was screaming at her.”

The accused told the pilot not to interfere, the court heard, before the pilot helped his girlfriend out of the lift and J H left.

The couple went out but later went back to pick up N M’s jacket and said that the accused was waiting outside the apartment block. N M said the screaming and threats started again.

The pilot claimed the accused slapped him but he did not file a complaint.

The next hearing is on June 4.