Drunk woman bites arresting officer, court told

The woman said she was in a "very bad emotional state" when she attacked the policewoman

A drunk woman bit a police officer in the arm when she tried to take her into custody for drunk driving, Dubai Criminal Court heard.
Court records show that on March 15 this year police received a report of a drunk driver who wasn't co-operating with the police and would not stop her car.
"I was tasked to calm her down and convince her to co-operate. I went there and found that officers already managed to get her to stop her car," said an Emirati 40-year-old policewoman.
She said that when she tried to take the Uzbek defendant, 27, to the police patrol, the accused tried to run away and she gave chase.
"I caught up with her and as I tried to grab her, she pulled my arm and bit me so hard. She didn't stop at that, she even started insulting me using bad language," said the policewoman.
Officers on the scene, restrained the accused and took her into custody.

During police questioning, the woman admitted to biting and insulting the officer and said that she was in a very bad emotional state.
She was charged with physical assault, issuing insults and consuming alcohol without a license. She did not attend court to enter a plea on Tuesday.
A verdict is expected on June 3.