Drunk man who missed Dubai to Cairo flight accused of insulting Emirates employee

Filipina says Saudi man called her names in Arabic as she was trying to help him book another flight.

DUBAI // A drunk Saudi who missed his plane from Dubai to Cairo insulted the employee who was trying to help him leave the airport, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours has heard.

A A, 62, was at Dubai International Airport on September 19 to fly to the Egyptian capital when he started drinking and missed his plane.

“I was with my brother and we lost track of time while shopping and, by the time we noticed, our flight was gone,” claimed the Saudi who denied consuming alcohol without a licence.

He went to the Emirates airline employee to ask to book a different flight and to get out of the airport as he already had his passport stamped as a departure. “We were at the services desk and were asked to hand in our passports so that the bookings be rescheduled, which we did, then the female employee followed us as we walked towards passport control to cancel the departure stamps off our passports,” he said.

“She demanded that we give her our passports, which I did not like and said no, after which she claimed that I insulted her.”

The 30-year-old Filipina Emirates employee, C C, said she asked for the passports so she could have them processed but he refused to give them to her and started to talk to his brother in Arabic.

“From all his talk, I only understood when he said that I was a whore, and he said it twice, and I know what this word means,” said CC.

The Filipina dropped the insult charges but A A was fined Dh2,000 for drinking alcohol.


Published: December 3, 2014 04:00 AM