Drugs found in man's stomach

Dubai Police have arrested a man who allegedly had 90 capsules of heroin inside him when he entered the country.

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Dubai Police have accused an Asian man of trying to smuggle 90 capsules of heroin into the country in his stomach. They said the man, identified as MA, was from an Asian country and arrived at Dubai International Airport on June 7. A scanner at the airport identified a "suspicious" chemical in his body and when the man was asked by police if he had an drugs on him, he denied it. He was later transferred to a hospital where a proper X-ray was conducted. The scan showed 90 pharmaceutical capsules in the man's intestines, although police did not elaborate on their size. It is believed the man sealed the capsules after filling them with heroin so as not to rupture inside the stomach. If just one or two had ruptured, he could have overdosed and suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. MS is now in police custody until a trial date is set. A file has been submitted to Dubai's public prosecution where he is expected to be formally charged. martenyoussef@thenational.ae