Dh387,988 receipt from Dubai's Cavalli Club creates Twitter sensation

Receipt from night out at the Fairmont Hotel's Cavalli Club goes viral with dozens of people tweeting their shock.

DUBAI // A photograph making the rounds on the internet suggests that some birthday celebrants had more than a little fun, ringing up a bill of Dh387,988.

A receipt from the night out at Cavalli Club at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai dated January 2 has gone viral, with dozens of people tweeting their shock.

Highlights from the itemised bill include a 6-litre bottle of Cristal Champagne for Dh125,000, a couple of 2-litre bottles of Cristal for Dh70,000, 24 Diet Cokes at Dh528 and 10 Red Bulls at Dh290.

“Crazy! Ppl still spend this kind of cash?” tweeted Shimishah. “Dont 4 get the $32 bday cake RT @tomgara $100K bill from Cavalli Club - Dubai, incld a $35K 6L bottle of Cristal,” said Saeid_hejazi.

The bill was time-stamped 3.19am on Monday and also lists 13 bottles of Roederer Cristal at Dh84,240, a 3-litre Cavalli vodka at Dh4,950, four bottle of Chivas 12 costing Dh4,360. and a birthday cake for Dh120.

But others seemed more concerned than amazed.

“Very disturbing, this money can support an entire village in india for a month,” wrote Yoosiph.

“Spend of this nature is not unusual at Cavalli Club,” said David Lescarret, the operations manager, adding the club “has seen high-spenders consistently frequent the venue since its inception”.