Victim was told his child would be taken if he did not drop a police complaint, court hears.

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DUBAI // A man has been jailed for six months for threatening to kidnap the daughter of someone who reported a bounced cheque to police.

Egyptian A R, 32, told the person – described in court as an investor – that if he did not drop his complaint then he would be “taken down”.

The Criminal Court heard that the Egyptian called the investor’s house on July 29 this year.

The investor’s sister answered the phone, but when the man started talking in a strange way she put the caller on loudspeaker.

“She asked for his name, he told her, and then asked her to tell me that if I didn’t drop a dud cheque case against his brother that he would take me down with him,” the investor said.

“He said, ‘we have nothing to lose’, and then he told me he would kidnap my daughter and damage my car if I didn’t drop the case.”

He reported the call to police.

The Egyptian was found guilty of issuing threats. He will be deported after serving his sentence.