Worker jailed for sexual assault of girl, 5, in Dubai

Sexual assault was only discovered when the child hid at the sight of the offender when she next saw him

A sexual assault on a five-year-old girl was only discovered when the child hid at the sight of the offender, a Dubai Court heard. 
On March 9, the girl's mother stepped out of her car to give the defendant - a worker - food, when the girl saw him and hid under a car seat. 
The girl's aunt, who was in the car with the girl, told her sister-in-law of her niece's actions. The girl then spoke of the assault and said that the worker kissed her in a playground near the family home in Dubai. 
"When my sister-in-law asked her why, she told her his breath was bad," said the 44-year-old Iranian mother.
She said she gently spoke to her daughter over the next two days to try find out what had happened to her.
"She said that he kissed her on the lips, twice, when she was at the playground in the gated community where we live."
The mother told her husband and the defendant's supervisor before she called police.
During police questioning, the 46-year-old Indian defendant admitted to kissing the girl. In court he told judges he only kissed her on her cheek. 
"I felt like she was my daughter and I kissed her on the cheeks like I kiss my kids," said the accused.
The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the man to six months in jail to be followed by deportation. Prosecutors appealed seeking a harsher sentence following which, the Dubai Appeals Court increased the man's prison term to a year.