Woman 'presented forged document to court saying husband owed her Dh175,000'

Husband said the document showed he owed her Dh5,000 but she added a 1 and 7 and presented it to court amid divorce case

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A woman ended up in court after presenting an altered receipt to the Dubai personal status court claiming that her husband had borrowed Dh175,000 instead of Dh5,000, it is claimed.
Dubai Criminal Court heard that the 33-year-old Pakistani woman filed a divorce case against her husband and allegedly presented the forged receipt to court requesting that he return the money to her.
The husband, a 37-year-old Pakistani investor, told prosecutors that he got married to the defendant in 2014 and, during the first few months of their marriage, he borrowed Dh5,000 from her and signed a receipt to repay the amount.
"We were going through a divorce case and I was surprised when, in July this year, the court told me she was requesting Dh175,000, and had submitted a document to prove I took the money from her," said the man.
When he seen a copy of the document, he said it was clear to him that she had changed the amount, so he filed a report against her at Al Riffa police station.
A report issued by Dubai Police's Forensic Science and Criminology department stated that the document, dated March 11, 2014, was altered at a later date by adding the digits 1 and 7 before the 5 and then it was submitted to the personal status court on July 17.
The woman failed to show up in court on Monday to face charges of forgery and use of a forged document. Her lawyer was present and said she was unable to attend.
The next hearing will be on October 12 to summon the defendant.