UAE man sues du for overcharging him - and wins

The man received a Dh4,000 bill for international calls and internet usage which he did not utilise.

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A man who sued Du for overcharging him was granted Dh5,000 as compensation for his troubles, the commercial appeals court has ruled.

NA, an Emirati, was surprised to receive a Dh4,000 mobile phone bill for international calls and internet use.

He said he was positive he did not make the calls and demanded a detailed bill but Du refused. He then sued at the commercial court.

The court assigned an expert committee to look into the bill, but they were refused access to the files.

First it was claimed the system was down, and then that it was confidential information.

The first instance commercial court ruled the man was not required to pay the bill, and granted him Dh2,000 for damages he faced when Du cut his line.

The commercial appeals court raised that amount to Dh5,000.