Three men posed as police to steal car

Three men have been convicted of posing as police officers so they could steal a man's car. They also took his wallet containing Dh1,200, as well as an iPod and a mobile phone, court records show.

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DUBAI // Three men who posed as police officers so they could steal a man's car in front of his home were convicted this morning.

SS, 30; JK, 26; and JS, 41, all of India, were found guilty of theft and impersonating police officers. SS and JK confessed to theft but denied impersonating police officers, while JS denied all the charges.

The court sentenced SS and JK to one year in jail and deportation. JS was fined Dh1,000.

Prosecutors said about midnight on June 24, the three men attacked TH, a Sri Lankan photographer, while posing as police.

TH testified that the men were in a car behind him before pulling alongside him and telling him to stop.

"Two men got out of the car and asked me for my ID," TH said.

As TH was pulling out his wallet to show identification, the men grabbed it and knocked him down, court records show. The men then took his Ford and fled, records show.

TH said there was Dh1,200 in his wallet. He also said there was a Nokia mobile phone and an iPod in his car. He called police immediately.

KS, a police officer, said the three men were arrested between June 29 and July 1.