Prisoners to be paid Dh40,000 compensation for beatings

The defence had argued that the beatings did not cause the inmates permanent damage, but the court found compensation was necessary.

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ABU DHABI// Two prisoners who were beaten by a guard will be paid Dh 40,000 in compensation, the Federal Supreme Court has ruled.

Forensics medical reports proved that while the two inmates were held at a central prison they were beaten with a hard object to their backs and necks. The defence had argued that the beatings did not cause permanent damage, and therefore, no compensation was necessary.

However, the court rejected the claim, using a Sharia'a concept of "no harm on one's self or on others". The court found that the prison was responsible for monitoring its employees, therefore the prison administration was found to be equally as responsible as the guard who committed the beatings.

The Federal Sharjah Court of First Instance had first ordered the prisoners be compensated for Dh90,000, which the prison and the guard had appealed. The Federal Appeals Court fixed the sentence to Dh 40,000 to be split by the prison and the guard.

Both sides appealed again at the Federal Supreme Court which rejected their appeal and upheld the Appeals Court verdict.