Police 'took urine sample by force'

A defendant accused of driving under the influence of alcohol has claimed in court that police forced him into taking urine test.

ABU DHABIi // Police took a urine sample "by force" from an Emirati man facing seven traffic-related charges, the Criminal Court was told. Defendant K H S appeared before the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, consumption of alcohol, possession of alcohol, violation of public decency, sudden swerving, not abiding by traffic rules and damaging another's vehicle. Prosecutors said on May 25, K H S was driving in Abu Dhabi when he suddenly swerved into a woman's car, damaging it. Police suspected K H S was inebriated and took him to the police station for urine test, the court heard.

But K H S's attorney told the court police procedures in administering the urine test were "inappropriate" and demanded that all the charges against her client be dropped "because they were based on incorrect procedures". "Police confessed - and this is documented in writing and with their signature - that my client refused to take urine test and that they forced him into going to the police station and also into taking the test," Faiza Moussa, his attorney, told the court. "It is legally unacceptable to expose a human body without a legal reason. This is violation of his privacy." She also told the court the urine test was taken without clearance from the Public Prosecution.

"The charges are clearly dubious because they were based on such procedures, and every evidence based on wrong procedures should be entirely rejected," she said. The verdict is scheduled for tomorrow. hhassan@thenational.ae