Mentally disabled woman molested at Dubai pool, court told

Two workers from her building assaulted her in a toilet, prosecutors say.

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DUBAI // Two workers at the Palm Jumeirah's Fairmont Residence South molested a mentally disabled 26-year-old woman and attempted to rape her, a court heard this morning.

The 35-year-old lifeguard JJ, Filipino, followed the Indian woman to the pool's toilets and molested her, the Criminal Court of First Instance was told. Minutes later, a Pakistani man, ZJ, 21, who also worked at the building, found her and tried to have sex with her as well, prosecution records say.

On the morning of December 30, 2010, the Indian woman, who has the mental ability of a 10-year-old, was walking near the building's pool when JJ saw her, records show.

She told prosecutors she went to the toilets near the pool. But when she tried to lock the bathroom door, JJ appeared and prevented her from doing so.

"He kissed me on my lips, touched my body and private parts for about 10 minutes, and he said words I did not understand, then left," she said.

She was still in the restroom when ZJ startled her as she washed her hands, she said, touching her breast and trying to kiss her.

"He held my hand tight and asked me to do with him what I did with JJ," she said, noting that she turned him down and told him "what he asked was not allowed."

The woman's mother said five minutes after she arrived home, the building's security guard came to the apartment and "informed me that JJ told him ZJ molested my daughter and tried to have sex with her," she testified.

AM, 50, Indian, said she called police. When they arrived, ZJ told them JJ molested her daughter first.

"Both of them started accusing each other and then [the daughter] narrated what happened to the officers," her mother said.

Forensics reports said traces of semen were found on both men. Neither appeared in court this morning.

The next hearing was set for October.