Men who locked up and robbed a woman who fell to her death escaping them are jailed

Dubai Criminal Court convicted two of the men of confinement, theft and having consensual sex with the woman

Two men who locked up a woman, robbed her and had sex with her before causing her death while she tried to flee from them were sentenced to two years in prison each.
On November 11 last year, three Uzbek men — aged between 24 and 35 — agreed with the woman that she would have sex with them in return for Dh1,000.
CCTV footage showed the men and the woman — whose age and nationality were not disclosed — entering a hotel apartment rented by one of the defendants, 31, in Al Qusais.
The footage then showed two of the men running out of the hotel shortly after.
Meanwhile, police received a call reporting a woman having fallen to her death from the third floor of the hotel apartment building.
"We found the woman dead but there were no signs of force or assault," said an Emirati police captain, 31, adding that upon inspection, they found minor knife wounds on both her hands and dust on her clothes.

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Investigations revealed that she was trying to escape being locked up by the men in flat 306. She tried to jump to the next apartment's balcony but fell to her death, records show.
An Emirati police major, 35, said they arrested the 31-year-old defendant after the receptionist told them he had booked the flat.
The accused told police that he and his two compatriots met with the woman at a nightclub and agreed to go to the flat and have sex but said he left the flat before anything happened. The man said he only returned after receiving a call from the woman asking him to come back, and once he did, he found police and an ambulance on site.
"I checked the cameras and saw the three of them getting into the hotel along with the victim, so I asked the defendant to call his two friends and to ask them to meet with him back at the hotel, when they arrived, we apprehended them," said the police major.
He said the two defendants were drunk when they arrived.
Investigations revealed that the two men who remained with the woman, fought with her when she tried to leave the apartment after receiving a call from another customer.
"They argued with her that their time was not up but when the argument escalated, they threatened her with a knife which caused her injuries on both hands," said a policeman.
He said the two men locked the door to prevent her from leaving and she tried to jump to the next flat but fell.
A medical report revealed that the woman had sex with all three men.

Dubai Criminal Court convicted two of the men of confinement, theft and having consensual sex with the woman while the third was referred to the misdemeanours court for consuming alcohol without a license.
The convicted pair will be deported after serving their terms.