Man jailed after cutting off roommate's finger in chair attack

Defendant too drunk to recall assault, court hears

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A man who severed his roommate's finger with a broken chair said he was too drunk to recall carrying out the attack.

The 56 year-old hit his victim with the sharp edge of the damaged chair - chopping off part of his finger - after a row over loud music, a Dubai court heard.

He was jailed for three months for the assault, which occurred on August 4 of last year.

The Sudanese victim, 37, had asked the man to turn down his music as he was exhausted from his day working as a taxi driver.

“He didn't care. He continued listening to music which was loud then left the room so I thought it was over,” the victim said.

The defendant ignored the request and then soon after burst into the man's room at the accommodation they shared in Al Rafaa, Dubai, and began hitting him with the chair.


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The victim suffered the injury while shielding himself from the assault with his arms.

Once the defendant stopped the attack and left the room, the victim locked the door and called police.

Police arrested the Indian attacker, who was intoxicated at the time and therefore did not give a testimony.

During prosecution questioning, he admitted charges of physical assault and consuming alcohol without a licence.
In court, he said he could not remember the incident or any of the details. "I don't recall the incident, but I was informed of what I did when I was sober," he said.

The defendant was fined Dh2,000 for drinking alcohol without a licence and he will be deported after serving his three-month-jail term on the physical assault charge.