Man convicted of Facebook blackmail attempt

He wanted ex-girlfriend to marry him and threatened to post pictures of her online, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A man convicted of threatening to post pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook if she did not go out with him was sentenced to six months in prison by a Dubai court this morning.

Prosecutors said he also threatened the 18-year-old victim's father to make him give permission for them to marry, telling them he would give her picture to an unidentified person.

MM, 21, from Pakistan had denied the charges before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance this month. 



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According to records, in May 2010, MM called the victim, also from Pakistan, and asked to meet her, but she turned him down. Prosecutors said he then threatened to post pictures of her in inappropriate positions on Facebook. 

Records showed that the two were in a relationship and broke up in 2007. The victim said that during the relationship, MM had taken pictures of them kissing, as well as in other situations. 

MK told prosecutors that when she turned the defendant down, he called her father and asked for her hand in marriage. He then threatened to post his daughter's pictures if he did not approve of the marriage. 

He will be deported after serving his prison term.