Man accused of molesting three-year-old boy at Dubai home

The Sri Lankan citizen had lived in the same house as the child at the time of the alleged abuse

A man appeared in court accused of molesting a three-year-old child.

The boy was one of a number of children driven to nursery by the Sri Lankan citizen, 57.

He allegedly abused the child at his home in Dubai.

Dubai Criminal Court heard the driver was the husband of the family's maid and also lived at the address.

“He is my maid’s husband and lives in our house, so I asked him if he could drive my son to the nursery too,” said the child’s mother, whose age and nationality were not disclosed in court.

She grew concerned when told by neighbours that the man had allegedly abused children in the past.

“I became very worried and tried to talk to my son to find out if anything wrong had happened to him while he was with the defendant, but he didn’t talk,” she said.

“On October 2, I heard my son saying he wished he would die and that he hated the house and our sofa.”

When she asked him the cause of his distress, he told her about the abuse.

“He used simple words and the nicknames of his body parts, to tell me how the defendant had abused him inside our house and on the sofa,” she said.

After reporting the incident to Al Barsha Police Station, it emerged the man had a criminal record of sexual abuse.

Prosecutors said he had been involved in three cases of sexual assault last February.

In court he denied a sex assault charge.

A verdict is due to be passed on September 30.