Maid who stole Dh250,000 in goods gets six months

She took the items over four years working for the same family, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A 31-year-old maid who stole valuables worth Dh250,000 from her employer’s house since she was hired four years ago was sentenced to six months in prison this morning.

The maid, FA, a Filipina, confessed to the charges when she appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance last month.

According to court records, FA, took


, perfume, makeup, handbags, wallets, sunglasses, women's shoes and designer clothes as well as a video camera, two BlackBerries and two Nokia mobile phones.

The four daughters of the Kuwaiti employer and his wife discovered the thefts in April 2010 when they were helping FA pack as she was returning to her home country, records show.

During investigations, the family estimated the worth of the stolen items at Dh250,000, not including cash FA took from the wallets, records said.

FA will be deported after serving her jail term.