Jilted driver in court over Dh160,000 blackmail plot

Man threatened to share intimate footage of his employer's daughter unless she paid cash sum or agreed to marry him

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A Dubai driver threatened to share intimate footage of his employer's daughter after she tried to end their relationship, a court heard.

The Indian national, 33, allegedly warned the woman he would disclose a recording of the pair having sex if she didn't pay him more than Dh160,000 - or agree to marry him.

He launched the blackmail plot after she told him she wanted to break up with him on March 17 of this year.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the man had also stolen Dh2,000 in cash and other valuables from her bedroom in an act of revenge.

The Indian woman, 20, alerted police after he made his demands.

During questioning, the accused said he had been having an affair with his sponsor's daughter since she was 16.

“I have been working for her father for 10 years and used to drive her to school from her home,” he said.

“Then we became involved romantically and we had sex several times.”

He admitted becoming angry when she told him of her intentions to end their romance.

“I told her I would tell her father about us,” he said.

He denied charges of theft and issuing threats at a hearing on Tuesday.

A verdict on the matter is expected on July 28.