Iranian jailed in Dubai for smuggling 4kg of crystal meth in bag

DUBAI // A man who claimed he didn't know nearly four kilograms of crystal methamphetamine were stashed in his luggage was sentenced to 10 years in jail today.

The Dubai Criminal Court found 34-year-old Iranian MM guilty of smuggling drugs and fined him Dh10,000.

He was stopped by a customs inspector at Dubai Airport who noticed him acting suspiciously after arriving to the country on June 18 this year.

Emirati inspector KJ said the traveller became nervous when he was stopped and that a scan of his bags showed them to have unusually thick sides.

A manual inspection uncovered 3.8kg of the drug hidden in the sides and bottom of one of the bags.

"I did not know it was there, someone else must have hid it," he told judge Maher Salameh.

However, prosecutors said he told them he was taking the drugs to Malaysia in return for five million Iranian Rials [Dh1,500], and expected to be paid upon his return to Iran.

He will be deported after completing his jail term.


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