Illegal immigrant charged in burglary

He and other men broke into a company's offices and stole cash, prosecutors say.

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DUBAI // An illegal immigrant without identification or official documents said he was out of the country when a theft of which he is accused took place, a Dubai court heard this morning.

The Yemeni HA, 33, is charged with theft at night with the use of a weapon and damaging property of others. He denied both charges.

Three men also accused of theft at night and consuming alcohol did not appear before the Dubai Criminal Court of First instance this morning.

Records show the men broke into Pro Four Construction Materials company on the night of September 27, 2010. HA broke the company's glass door, then forced open a locked drawer containing Dh3,600, prosecutors say. The men took the money and left in a BMW, which was parked outside waiting for them.

FM, 30, a Yemeni carpenter; HN, 33, a stateless mechanic; and AA, 49, an Emirati sailor, all allegedly confessed during police investigations and said HA was the one who broke the company's door and drawers.

Prosecutors said the men have robbed several other shops around the emirate.

The are awaiting a verdict on May 25.