Husband 'threatens to pour acid over his wife' in Dubai

Man threatened to disfigure with acid his wife of 27 years after she filed for divorce, hears court.

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DUBAI // A man threatened to disfigure his wife of 27 years using acid after she filed for divorce, a court heard this week.

The husband, MA, became increasingly hostile towards her after gaining Emirati citizenship in May last year.

She finally decided to divorce him after his employer told her he was suspected of embezzling millions of dirhams from his workplace and faced criminal charges.

He kicked her out of their house and told her family she was having an affair, then threatened to throw acid in her face if she returned.

The pair wed in 1986 when the husband was stateless, Dubai Sharia Court heard. They had four children - three boys and a girl - but the husband lost interest in his family after getting citizenship and refused to pay for things they needed.

"He started making up problems for the slightest reasons and would often offend my family," the wife said.

He also asked her to defraud an Indian investor who had bought two plots of land in Sharjah and paid her to register the plots because an Emirati owner was required.

Her husband demanded she sell the plots in October last year but she refused because they did not belong to her. This enraged her husband, who began insulting her in public.

"He even insulted her honour, which caused her to have a nervous breakdown," her lawyer told the court.

The lawyer said that when the investor found out he reported the husband to the police.

The wife gave the investor a written document acknowledging his ownership, further infuriating her husband. The investor dropped his complaint against the wife but pursued one against the husband.

The husband offered his wife Dh300,000 to change her testimony and tell police the plots of land were hers but she refused. He then withdrew Dh10,000 from her account.

At about this time the wife was told by her husband's employer that he had embezzled millions of dirhams from his workplace and was facing a criminal charge.

"He asked her to register her house, farm and car in his name if she wanted him to divorce her," said her lawyer, and when she refused he threatened to burn her face with acid if she went home.

He called her family, telling them she was having an affair.

"He showed her brothers faceless pictures of naked women and said it was her," said the lawyer.

The woman asked the court to grant her divorce and give her custody of the couple's children. She is seeking a three-year backdated Dh7,500 monthly alimony, expenses for a maid, nanny and driver, a car and payment of her utility bills.

The next hearing was scheduled for May 29.