Husband installs tracking device to catch cheating wife, Dubai court hears

Emirati husband and his wife's brother plot and then catch woman red-handed with another man.

DUBAI // A husband installed a tracking device in his wife’s car with the help of his brother-in-law because they suspected she was having an affair.

Emirati husband Y A, 34, and the woman’s brother, S Y, 19, installed the device near the engine of the car and, on October 23 last year, the brother agreed to follow his sister’s movements.

S Y called the husband on that day to say that his wife had arrived at Mirdif City Centre mall with a strange man.

“I headed there while her brother and a friend came in a separate car and we saw her arriving in a car with a strange man then stepped out heading to her car,” the husband said.

He added that her brother had stepped on the bonnet of her car and smashed her window in an attempt to stop her fleeing but she still drove off, throwing him to the ground.

“When our friend tried to stop the man’s car, he tried to run him over,” the husband said.

“I know that before Eid Al Adha my wife and her sister were caught in an inhabited area in Umm Al Quwain with strange men and wearing very revealing clothes.”

The teenage brother testified that he had followed his sister on the day, driving about five cars behind her from her home in Sharjah to Dubai.

“On Sheikh Zayed Road, her car disappeared but then I checked the tracking device and saw that her car had stopped at the Mirdif City Centre car park,” he said.

He checked the car and did not see her inside so he waited from 7pm until 11.30pm, when she arrived in a Land Cruiser with the man.

“As she rode her car, I headed to her but she locked the doors and the windows so I stood on the hood and smashed her front window with my leg to prevent her from leaving but she drove away, throwing me down to the floor and causing me injuries,” the brother said. “My friend tried to stop the man’s car but he tried to run him over and left.”

The brother and his friend spotted a police patrol vehicle so reported the incident.

The Emirati wife, M Y, 29, and man, A A, 33, who is also Emirati, were both charged with incitement of sin, which they both denied, during interrogations and in court.

“She had asked to meet with me because she needed to borrow money from me,” said A A. “So I met her then she came with me in the car for about 10 minutes after which she needed to use my car so I asked her to drop me off to my destination, which she did, and picked me up about four hours later, then I drove her back to her parked car.”

The wife gave the same story and said in court that she had filed for divorce.

However, both were found guilty and sentenced to two months in jail. The brother was charged over the damage to his sister’s car but she dropped the charges.

Published: May 8, 2014 04:00 AM


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