Housewife smuggled codeine 'for medical reasons'

Woman claims she smuggled 4,396 tablets of codeine into the country to treat a number of severe illnesses she suffers from.

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DUBAI // A housewife found smuggling 4,396 Codeine tablets into the country told a court today that she did so for medical reasons.

SA, a 42-year-old Iranian, was arrested in February at the Dubai International Airport, where she arrived from her home country.

"Upon her search, two yogurt-like cans where found filled with Codeine tablets," said the airport security policewoman ME.

She said the tablets weighed 1.679kg and that the cans had been taped with transparent plaster and wrapped with clothes.

The housewife told Judge Hamad Abdul Latif at the Dubai Criminal Court that she needed the drug as she suffered from breast tumours and severe spinal disc herniations.

"I kindly request the court grants her bail as she is the only one taking care of her 74-year-old blind husband," her lawyer told the court.

He added that his client had a medical prescription for the tablets from Iran, where she kept weekly appointments with her doctor.

The court denied her bail. A verdict is expected on May 3.