Forklift driver ‘bites off bit of man’s finger in car door dispute’

Pakistani allegedly took offence to Syrian reprimanding him for opening and closing a car door while in motion and bit off a part of his pinky finger.

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A forklift truck driver bit off part of a man’s finger in a row over opening a vehicle door, a Dubai court has heard.

On June 15, the 47-year-old Syrian who had his finger bitten called his brother, who works for the same company, to say that they needed a forklift driver for a job. His brother and another employee went to pick up the Pakistani defendant, 30.

When they arrived at the job location in Al Wasl, the Syrian was told that the defendant kept on opening the car’s door as it was in motion.

“I spoke to him and asked him why he was opening the door of a moving vehicle, he said it was hot and the A/C was broken. I told him that it was dangerous and I asked him to return and sit in the car,” said the Syrian.

His brother and the Pakistani employee who was in the car said that the defendant was being offensive to the Syrian and got angry when he was asked to return to the car.

“He refused to go to the car then jumped on my brother suddenly and punched him on the face. When my brother tried to defend himself and push him away, he [the defendant] grabbed his hand then bit him on his pinky finger,” said the 44-year-old brother.

He said he and the Pakistani employee were pulling at the attacker to get off but he kept biting until a part of the Syrian’s finger fell off.

The man was rushed to hospital by his brother, who called police on the way.

A medical report said the Syrian was left with a 2 per cent permanent disability after losing part of his finger.

The defendant denied a physical assault charge at Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday.

“The two brothers attacked me and choked me so hard I nearly died, so I was defending myself,” he told judges.

A verdict is expected on August 27.